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Data is the new source of power for modern societies. In Digireg, we offer comprehensive services for data. We transform raw data into insights that fit your purposes.

Our company proudly serve the government and private sector in three continent: Europe, Asia and Africa. With our international experience and strong technical background, we aspire to spread our vision in the vast growing Indonesian market. 

We believe in our vision of promoting universal access to (Geo)Data to support business sustainability, smart and participatory decision-making, and promoting societal and environmental impact

We leave no question unanswered

How can we manage public services efficiently?
In which part of the city should we invest in facilities?
Which location is most suitable for the establishment of a new business?
How green is our municipality compared to 10 years ago?

Sometimes you have a question that you may not know the answer to is locked in data. In other words: in a smart combination of data and location data. By combining and analyzing data and geo-information from various sources, we arrive at the answer you are looking for. The more challenging your question, the more enthusiastic our data specialists are.

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Our Vision: Integrallity

Our roots lie in spatial planning. That largely explains why we do business the way we do it. And act differently than other data engineers. Spatial planning and area development require a broad view of matters and an integral look at data. Zoning plans are created by viewing, analysing, and combining much different information. Since 2013, we have successfully applied this integrated approach to digital registrations within Europe for all kinds of government data, such as land use, taxing, land registry, spatial planning, agriculture, addressing systems, and healthcare.

Our Promise: Quality

We believe that we can achieve more with our integrated approach. It helps us to transform into data-driven organisations and, therefore, society. This quality translates into better service provision for citizens and entrepreneurs. It only can be achieved once data is exchanged, up-to-date, correct, and complete.

Our Standard: Depth

The answer to your question often lies on the surface. We ensure that you comply with your legal obligations and bring in all the data engineering knowledge we gained from our worldwide projects. On Digireg, we will dive further to get the most benefit of the data for you.

Core Services

Data Acquisitions

With our tools and method, we provide services to do data acquisitions from top, side, and street-level views. The way we gather the data is proven to produce better information when consumes less time.

Data Engineering

When images speak louder than words, we can extract the “meaningful words” from the image using advanced techniques to provide useful information. We experienced on extract information from remote-sensing, SAR, Semi-supervised image classification and machine learning algorithm.

Data Utilizations

We believe that spatial data is the key to a smart city. Within this field, we offer various services such as land-cover modelling and simulation, infrastructure management platform, multi-temporal image analysis for decision making and geodata visualization. 

Case Study

Asset Management

Site Suitability Analyisis for Green Infrastructure

Site suitability is important because it helps to ensure that land is used for the appropriate purpose and that it is used efficiently. Site suitability analysis involves evaluating the suitability of a particular site or area for a specific land use, such as residential, commercial, industrial development, including the development of the new green infrastructure.

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Machine Learning

Automated Slum Detection Through Satellite Imagery

The fast changing of slums, particularly in the global south require a techniques that can overcome the challenges. The utilizations of very high resolution satellite imagery combined with machine learning based approach give a promising opportunity to answer the challenges.

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