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We are a consultancy firm covering advisory and the production services of geo-information technology.

Our company proudly serve government and private sector in three continent: Europe, Asia and Africa. With our international experience and strong technical background, we aspire to spread our vision in the vast growing Indonesian market. 

We believe in our vision in promoting universal access to the GIS and Remote Sensing technology towards business sustainability, smart and participatory decision making, and promoting societal and environmental impact

We delivers turnkey solutions for empowering geospatial data to help the government and business sector.

Managed Geodata Service

Our qualified GIS teams will manage your geospatial data so that you can focus on your core business. 

3D Photogrammetry

Create better visualizations to maintain your asset and gives a better presentation to your potential buyers.

Street-level Survey

Capture rich information from the street level to solve your case by combining it with our AI.

Web GIS Development

Create faster decission by having complete control of your GIS data anywhere and anytime.

Case Study / Geodata Services

Maintenance of the Large Scale Topographic Map (BGT)

We assisted various municipalities in the Netherlands to keep their large scale topographic map updated every year. 

Case Study / 3D Model

3D Photogrammetry for Building Management

Our 3D indoor mapping helps facility manager to maintain their property. It also used to attract new tenants. 

Case Study / Street-level survey

360 street-level survey for road maintenance

Having an updated and detailed information at the ground level may reduce the time for data collections. Using the data, you may use various purposes, such as road pavement monitoring, violations of the zoning plan and utility monitoring.

Case Study / Web-GIS

Web GIS for Asset Management

With Web GIS, you can remove the hassle of managing and sharing your geodata across your organizations. We also offer managed Web-GIS platform, where we host the applications on our server. 

The full service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet your business needs.


We offer an assessment to explore the gap between your geodata environment and your organization's goals.

Data Governance

We offer to advise regarding your geodata policy that meet your organizations' needs.

Digital Transformations

We offer a service to upgrade your current systems, which includes transforming your analogue data into digital.

System Integration

We create tailored solutions without disrupting your current system. Thus the solutions will be integrated with your existing systems. 

Data Maintenance

To ensure the precision of your decision, it is crucial to have updated information. We will ensure that your data remain updated.

Technical Assistance

We offer on-site placement of our expert to help you manage the daily operations of your geodata.

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