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Digireg Indonesia

Geodata Management | Advanced Image Analysis | Smart City Solutions

About Us

Digireg is a consultancy firm, which covers advisory and the production services of Geo-information and Remote Sensing. With our experience across the Netherlands, we aspire to spread our vision in the vast growing Indonesian market.

We believe in our vision in promoting the universal access to the GIS and Remote Sensing technology towards business sustainability, smart and participatory decision making, and promoting societal and environmental impact.



Geodata Management

Our geodata management services comprise of spatial data storage, distribution and quality assurance. We are capable of managing your geodata in the desktop as well as web-based environment using opensource or commercial software.


Advanced Image Analysis

We employ advanced techniques in image analysis to gather information from your remote-sensing data. Our capability comprises of SAR data processing, semi-supervised image classification, and machine learning algorithm.


Smart City Solutions

We believe that spatial data is the key to a smart city. Within this field, we offer various services such as land-cover modelling and simulation, infrastructure management platform, multi-temporal image analysis for decision making and geodata visualization.

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